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Minerva Foundation :: Grant Applications

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Funding Guidelines and Application Procedures

Charitable organizations interested in applying for funding should first ensure that their proposal falls within the Foundation's funding guidelines. Minerva's main focus is to provide financial assistance to Edmonton based charitable organizations which foster the well-being of individuals and family.

Factors taken into consideration:

  • potential impact on the community
  • financial need of the project or organization
  • the number of people who may be helped

Whenever possible, Minerva seeks to provide:

  • "seed" or interim funding to organizations with the goal of their achieving self-sufficiency; and, to assist where conventional funding is unlikely.
  • funding for specific projects. The Foundation is not a source of on-going funding.

New Funding Initiative

In addition to the individual project applications Minerva has always funded, the Foundation wishes to focus on and support one charity annually. It is our intent to make a difference to the well-being of this organization with a substantial donation of up to $100,000.00. The Minerva Foundation invites qualified applicants to provide for our review, a written proposal outlining the intended use of such funds. Your plan may involve one or more initiatives, but all projects must align with the mandate of the Minerva Foundation and should significantly and positively impact your organization and position it for the future. These project funds should allow a group to deliver their programs more efficiently and effectively and/or deliver new program(s) that are needed urgently in our community. Funds are provided to establish sustainable programs within your organization and if awarded are available on a one time only basis.

Requests which do not fall within Minerva's funding guidelines include:

individual aid, fund-raising campaigns, political support, conferences; and publications.

Applications should include:

  • applicant's registered charitable number issued by Revenue Canada;
  • description of the nature of the project and the benefit, or potential benefit to the community;
  • minimum funds sought from the Minerva Foundation, including total budget information for the project;
  • other sources of funds or applications made for other sources of funds for the project;
  • timeframe of the project;
  • current and most recent annual financial statements of the applicant;
  • background of the applicant organization and its mandate;
  • list of executive and board of directors of applicant.

    Applicants will be notified regarding the eligibility of their proposal and more detailed information may then be requested from those that qualify under the Foundation's guidelines. The Minerva Foundation reserves the right to require progress reports during development stages and/or upon completion of each project. Applications are received throughout the year. An allocations committee meets twice yearly to review proposals and make recommendations to the Board. Applicants will be advised by mail of the disposition of their request.

Application Deadline

The Minerva Foundation allocates funds twice a year. The application deadlines are March 31 and September 30 every year.

Send six copies of application materials to:

Attn: Vice-President Allocations
Minerva Foundation Box #47079
62 Edmonton Centre Post Office
Edmonton, Alberta T5J 4N1