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Comparable to shareholders of a corporation and, as such, stewards of the Foundation and advocates for the Foundation's objectives and goals.

 Bruce & Carmen Alton
 Kevin Baker
 Bruce and Carol Bentley
 David and Leanne Bryan
 Tom and Valerie Burke
 Don & Judy Cameron
 Bill & Lisa Campbell
 Douglas Campbell
 Gary & Beth Campbell
 Frederick K. Campbell
 Hugh & Louise Campbell
 Mike and Bonnie Chetner
 Rob & Angela Cowley
 Robert Cristall
 Ron & Patti Culver
 James & Debbie Cumming
 Bob & Gretchen Dinning
 Walter & Elizabeth Dobrovolsky
 David & Erin Edwards
 Kevin & Karyn Erker
 David & Barbara Finlay
 Brian & Stephanie Felesky
 Doug & Joanne Goss
 Tom & Shirley Graham
 Jim & Dianne Greenough
 Dave & Erin Hardy
 John & Janet Howard
 Bev Hunter
 Jim Hunter
 Paul & Paula Kennedy
 Peter & Derry Knaak
 Robert & Debbie Kruhlak
 Laird Kulak & Sandra Lansdown
 John & Denise Layton
  Donald Lloyd
 Sal & Liz LoVecchio
 Doug McConnell
 Evita McConnell
 Joan McDaniel
 Ron & Lynn Odynski
 Lynn & Bobbie Patrick
 Wes & Tammy Patterson
 Kevin & Leigh-Ann Peddie
 Ralph and Judi Peterson
 Doug Rae
 Katie Rae
 Bob and Deb Riddle
 Dave & Julie Sagan
 Alice Sears
 Jim Jr. & Wanda Shaw
 Fred & Jenny Singer
 Brad & Suzanne Sparrow
 Don & Sandy Sprague
 Gordon & Frances Stephenson
 Jim & Judy Thompson
 Peter & Mary Anne Venner
 Rick & Nikki Vogel
 Angus & Heather Watt
 Michael & Jane Webb
 John Henry Weinlick
 Don Jr. & Kim Wheaton
 Ralph & Gay Young


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