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  • Honouring the past
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  • Creating a better tomorrow


To assist the personal growth of individuals and families by providing financial assistance to Edmonton based charitable organizations.

Our Mandate

The Minerva Foundation was established in Edmonton in 1977 by a small group of successful entrepreneurs who shared a desire to contribute positively to their community. At the heart of the Foundation was the memory of Jean Minerva Campbell who passed away suddenly in the prime of her life. As a tribute to her and her personal philosophy of always remembering those families less fortunate than her own, Jean's family and friends formed the Minerva Foundation, an organization dedicated to enriching the community and assisting individuals and families in need. The Foundation provides financial support to a wide variety of worthy community organizations. Whenever possible, Minerva provides support in the form of "seed" or bridge funding not ordinarily available from other more conventional sources. Minerva's donation is used to help the recipient organization become better established. Minerva is a dynamic organization that benefits from the experience and advice of its founders as well as the vitality and energy of its continually growing group of younger supporters. Thus, Minerva's valuable work continues providing financial assistance and fostering the well-being of individuals and family.

The Minerva Foundation was recognized as the Foundation of the Year for 2003. The award was given to Minerva Foundation at the Association of Fundraising Professionals' Philanthropy Day on November 12, 2003.


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